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Finding Home in Greek

Coming into college on the field hockey team, I had a built in group of friends. Joining a sorority was not something I had originally planned - but I am so glad that I did. While I do have to navigate both demanding schedules, being a part of both athletics and Greek life has created the most well-rounded and fulfilling college experience I could ask for. The dual commitments to excellence in both athletic endeavors and in sorority life fosters a strong sense of support among teammates and sisters. Alpha Phi has become my second family and I now have my go-to people to support me at my games as well as people to help me and my sisters in our philanthropic efforts. 

The integration of athletics and sorority life has created a culture of empowerment and resilience for me. When I am down, I have both my team and my sorority to help lift me up again. I am so lucky to have such a big support system and to have joined a sorority with two of my teammates and best friends - shoutout Sully and Gabi. Alpha Phi always pushes towards success which aligns with my athletic goals and my sisters are always there to cheer me on. This shared commitment to success between my team and sorority has created a bond that extends beyond individual achievements and is supportive in all aspects. While not all of my sisters are on the field hockey team - they are all on MY team.


Maeryn Erdheim

Incoming VP of Recruitment

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