Hello current and future Alpha Phi Parents!

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Welcome to Alpha Phi, an international organization that promotes sisterhood, scholarship, service, character development, leadership, and loyalty. Alpha Phi isn’t just a home for your wonderful daughter, it is a place for you too! We have many ways for our parents to get involved with the Alpha Phi experience; our annual Red Dress Brunch, Parent’s Weekend, and so much more. By staying up to date with your daughter’s Alpha Phi events, we hope that you can see her growing and blossoming as a result of the support she has in this sisterhood.

In Alpha Phi, the scholarship is our number one priority. We want your daughter to feel supported by this sisterhood as she furthers her education and networks in her future career field. We understand that Alpha Phi is a time commitment, but recognize that we are here first and foremost to pursue a degree. We offer a variety of options to support your daughter in her quest for a strong GPA, continued education, and ultimately reaching her dream career goals.

We’re excited to share in your daughter’s collegiate journey and introduce her to our amazing lifelong sisterhood.