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On behalf of our members, I am honored to welcome you to the Kappa Delta chapter of Alpha Phi at Stevens Institute of Technology. There are so many beautiful aspects about this sisterhood, and we can’t wait for you to experience what makes Alpha Phi so unique. 


Here at Alpha Phi, we pride ourselves on being the best versions of ourselves and holding each other to the highest standards of our six core values: sisterhood, character development, leadership, scholarship, service, and loyalty. As a home away from home and a family for our sisters, we create strong bonds and memories built to last for evermore.


Alpha Phi has given me stronger friendships than I ever could have imagined. I have found a community of passionate, driven, and dedicated women who have undoubtedly aided my own and our chapter’s growth. There is much more to this chapter than what meets the eye; it’s the insurmountable love, unwavering support, and genuine friendships you’re bound by at any low or any high. We truly embody our motto of being “Union Hand-In-Hand.”

Above all else, my sisters have made Stevens home. Being a part of this chapter has been one of my biggest blessings. I am grateful for this sisterhood, where we hold each other accountable, and we love each other unconditionally. Every sister in Alpha Phi is unapologetically herself, and together we are complete; the root of what I have found makes our chapter so beautifully unique. Alpha Phi is more than just a home for a mere four years; it's a forever family, and truly a sisterhood for life.


It has been one of my greatest honors to serve as the President of Alpha Phi. The wonderful members of the Kappa Delta chapter have, and will continue to make this sisterhood an extraordinary one, and I am ever so fortunate to be a part of its journey.


With love,

Sarah Pasqualetto

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